Mazda will continue to develop diesel engines for a while yet

October 29th, 2019 by

Is Mazda going to keep building diesel engines?
The last few weeks have been particularly exciting for Mazda and its fans. Not only have we learned about a new electric crossover SUV, but we also learned that the automaker will continue its course of technology already in development. So, is Mazda going to keep building diesel engines? Yes, they are. According to articles published by and Autoblog, Mazda will keep refining diesel engine technology for the foreseeable future. We already have confirmation that the Mazda CX-5 Signature will have a diesel power plant and that a future version of the Mazda6 sedan will also use diesel fuel. Let’s see what other information is available at this early stage of the game.

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Because of some other bad actors in the automotive industry, people are naturally wary of claims made by automakers building diesel engines. Mazda is working to come about its performance, efficiency and emission claims honestly. A way Mazda is meeting this goal is to continue to refine the SKYACTIV®-X platform that actually combines the best parts of diesel and gasoline engine technology. Basically, Mazda has found a cleaner and more efficient way to burn fuel to increase overall mileage as well as reduce emissions.
The Autoblog article, written by Ronan Glon, quotes a Mazda executive as saying that fossil fuels will continue to be used by at least 85 percent of vehicles produced until about 2035. Since Bert Ogden Mazda in Edinberg customers will continue to be using gas or diesel engines for another 15 or so years, it’s too early to abandon development. However, the proposed Mazda MX-30 is certainly looking like it will be the future of the automaker’s success.

We’re still waiting to see what kind of figures the new Mazda MX-30 and its coming variants will have to offer. Make sure you regularly check back with the Bert Ogden Mazda Blog for updates.

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