The next generation of Mazda engine technology gets unveiled

October 23rd, 2019 by

What is the Mazda MX-30?
The 46th Tokyo Motor Show kicked off on Oct. 23 with a major announcement from Mazda. In addition to introducing a brand-new compact crossover SUV model, the automaker has also confirmed that it will be introducing an electric powertrain. In the interest of efficiency, our manufacturing partner dropped both pieces of important information at the same time when they pulled back the curtain on the new Mazda MX-30? So, what is the Mazda MX-30? In short, it is a compact crossover SUV with a brand-new plug-in hybrid power plant that also features very distinctive rear doors. There are still several key details that have yet to be released, including when or if it will be available in the United States. However, we can’t wait to share what we know right now.

Among the biggest pieces of news Mazda dropped on the automobile community today, is that it is likely putting the e-SKYACTIV® electric drive engine architecture into production. It will be powered by an advanced battery system that can be charged from outside sources. Additionally, Mazda has introduced an electric version of the G-Vectoring Control Plus system to help the new Mazda MX-30 handle as sharply as possible.

The exterior of the all-new Mazda MX-30 will be almost instantly recognizable and feature new designs for the headlights and taillights. Designers have also done the work to make sure the interior has a clean design that offers all of the capability without unnecessary clutter.

What are Freestyle doors?
Most people wouldn’t give a second thought to their vehicle’s doors. The Mazda MX-30 will change that with the re-introduction of what the manufacturer is calling Freestyle doors. Mazda engineers have done away with center pillars that open to the rear as much as 80 degrees. If these Freestyle doors look familiar, they are very similar to the rear doors on the Mazda RX-8 with the rotary engine.

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